Redirect Detective

Redirect Detective

Have you ever questioned where a link leads? The path of the URL is followed by the URL redirect checker. It will display the entire URL, shortened link, or tiny URL redirection path. Also known as a link tester, URL tester, redirect tester, link tracker, redirect tracer, link follower, 301 redirect checker, redirect tracker, and so forth.

The links that you are being diverted through, such as php redirects, htaccess redirects, NGINX redirects, JavaScript redirects, and meta-refreshes, are all displayed in the link checker’s results when it traces a link. Discover 301 redirects.

Why use this redirect link checker?

This redirect trace tool enables you to undertake competitive intelligence in a method that wasn’t before conceivable and troubleshoot links issues.

Troubleshooting Redirect Issues

Similar to a link redirect detective, this application will follow your URLs and assist you in identifying intricate linking issues. You must forward that old URL address to a new URL address as you move your website or rename URLs on your website. It is advisable to test your URLs to make sure they lead to the intended locations without encountering a 404 error. You should be aware that if you wind up establishing redirect chains, any errors that occur during the redirection procedure may prevent the user from reaching the desired location.

SEO Redirect Chains

If you are an SEO specialist, you are always trying to improve the ranks of your website. The main component of Google’s search engine is how websites link to one another. When someone links to your site, link influence (PageRank) is conveyed, however redirect chains have historically weakened this value. You may ensure that your website receives the most PageRank by making your redirects as straight as you can. This is a hotly contested topic, just like many others in SEO. Nevertheless, from a commercial risk standpoint, the more redirects there are in the path to your website, the greater the chance that chain will break and you will lose all PageRank influence and traffic. The page will eventually drop in the search engine results or be delisted if a search engine crawls a link that redirects and breaks as a result of a bug.

Affiliate Link Tracking

If you are an affiliate marketer, it is probable that you utilise small URLs or short links to hide or shorten your links on social media and other websites. If one of your redirection fails, you will no longer get affiliate commissions for that specific Site. WhereGoes may assist you in verifying that your affiliate links are rerouting to the appropriate locations.

Tiny URL Expander

Use WhereGoes as a link expander if you want to know where a little link leads. You will be able to see the complete journey of that little Address as well as exactly where it travels. Use this to find out which affiliates are engaged in the redirection process if you are unclear of where the link will send you.

Cutting Out Middle-Men Affiliates

You want to keep your profit margins as high as possible as an affiliate marketer. You must eliminate all affiliate middlemen in order to do this. You may see all the affiliates participating in the link redirection process using the WhereGoes link tracer. Look at the destination in order to determine the route to the affiliate. The actual affiliate programme would be found at the link that comes before it. Every other object receives a portion of the affiliate money. You will thus earn more money if you track down all of your current affiliate programmes and confirm that you are joined up directly with the source and not a sub-affiliate programme.