Automate Affiliate Link Testing

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In this article, we are going to review how to Automate your Affiliate Link Testing.

With OffersOptimize you can test and automate your Affiliate Link Testing at your own ease.

Let’s go into detail. With the help of OffersOptimize Affiliate link test tool, simply, you should be able to.

1) Track the roadmap of your link and whether if it is working or not,
2) Choose periodically (daily, monthly etc.) interval to monitor your affiliate link.
3) Get notified via some platforms to be sure that everything is going well.
4) Get rid of broken links and let OffersOptimize your affiliate link testing tool to test all of your links regularly.

Automate affiliate link check

All you need to do is:

1) Enter your Offer URL in OffersOptimize dashboard.
2) Enter your offers name along with the preview URL.
3) Select your country and set the frequency of your notification and data retention days.
4) Enter your Device Type: Desktop, Windows phone, iPhone, iPad, Android. and the offer ID.

You can select the notification type from the bottom which includes four options:

1) Preview URL Mismatch: An email notification will be sent if offers will not reach to its preview URL.
2) On Error: An email notification will be sent if offers show any error.
3) On Hops Exceed: An email notification will be sent if offers hops exceed the specified count.
4) On Redirect Time Exceed: An email notification will be sent if offers total redirection time more than the specified time in seconds.

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