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In this article, we are going to review how to test your Affiliate links.

What is an affiliate link?

Affiliate marketing involves a company that recruits affiliates to market its products or services online. When affiliates sign up at the provider’s website, they are provided with a specific link to that website. When visitors to the affiliate’s site click on the advertisements and go to the advertiser’s site, the affiliate may receive a commission if that click leads to a sale. The advantage of affiliate links is that they track sales and offer the opportunity to those who are interested (affiliates) in selling another party’s products.

How can OffersOptimize help you?

OffersOptimize is an Affiliate Link Test Tool to test the offer link from different countries and other proxies. With us, you can get all the clarity on your affiliate traffic with jumps and destination point.

offersoptimise dashboard

With Offers Optimize you can test your affiliate links at your own ease. All you need to do is

1) Enter the link in your OffersOptimize dashboard.
2) Enter your Device Type: Desktop, Windows phone, iPhone, iPad, Android.
3) Select your country from the dropdown.
4) Enable the advanced option if you further want to check the city and the network ISP.
5) Then click submit. You’re done.

We provide you with all the detail reports about the affiliate link and any other companies provide. With our 24*7 dedicated customer support, none of your queries will go unattended.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team at

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